Our Services

NG CHAN MAU & CO. SDN. BHD. emphasizes on public auction matters, thus the company is confident in providing the services required by our Clients.

We provides an array of services. These include:

    1. Preparing the proclamation of sale in various languages including English, Bahasa Malaysia, Tamil and Chinese.
    2. Placing the proclamation of sale in significant areas according to the law, including the Notice Boards of the High Courts and Land Offices. The proclamation will also be placed on the unmovable property under auction.
    3. Distributing at least 250 copies of the Proclamation of Sale to the neighborhoods and areas surrounding the auctioned property.
    4. Advertising the auction in key newspapers like The Star for at least one week, or more depending on the client.
    5. Conducting official Title searches to determine if there are any outstanding unpaid taxes on the property, including quit rent and assessment fees.
    6. Liaising with the relevant authorities as well as the developers, PKNS and DBKL to obtain consent for the auction to move forward.
    7. Providing photographs of the auction asset , inspecting it for defects , preparing the inspection report and Affidavit of Service as per client's requests or after receiving Auction Results.
    8. Assisting the Solicitors or the Financial Institutions on extractions of the Court Orders for auction purposes and to follow up with the Treasury Department relating to the auction proceeds.