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What is Hybrid Auction™?

Hybrid Auction™ by Ng Chan Mau & Co. is an auction platform that allows eligible public to participate our auction physically, referred as "On-site Bidder", and via the Internet, using electronic devices, referred as "e-Bidder".

Who is e-Bidder?

An eligible person that registered online as a qualified bidder to participate an auction at www.ngchanmau.com.

How to be an e-Bidder?

Step 1:
Register as user at www.ngchanmau.com/register for FREE.

Step 2:
Select Property or Car with e-bidding option.

Step 3:
Complete e-Bidder registration and Auction Deposit 2 working days before auction.

Step 4:
Login to e-bidding system using secured PIN before auction time.

Can I bid from home?

e-Bidder can cast your bid from any places, as long as you have electronic device with Internet connection.

Why should I become an e-Bidder?

* Safe and convenient - Bid from any location.

* Save time and cost - Place auction deposit via online banking.

* Transparent bidding process - Bid comfortably without interruption.

* Hybrid Auction™ is a mark owned by Ng Chan Mau & Co. Sdn Bhd.*

Tips for e-Bidders using smartphone, tablet or computer

Before Auction
Make sure your device is in good running condition
Make sure your device has sufficient power
Make sure your internet connection is stable with strong signal
Disable the screensaver of your device
Use latest version of Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer)
Test your audio and visual compatibility on www.ngchanmau.com/hybrid/test
During Auction
DON’T press Back button of your browser when auction started
DON’T use your device for other apps that consume internet bandwidth

Hybrid Auction™ Property

  • Lot 1
    No. 8 (Lot. 180), Jalan Langit Biru, Country Heights, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
    [Owner Auction] Individually Designed 2 Storey Detached House @ Country Heights, Kajang

    To be auctioned in 7 days

    Land Area : 19,633 sq.ft
  • Lot 1
    Lot. 1155, located nearby Taman Ehsan Jaya, Johor Bahru, Johor
    Freehold Land Located Nearby Taman Ehsan Jaya,Johor Bahru

    To be auctioned today at 2:30pm

    Land Area : 15.02 Acre
  • Lot 5
    Lot. 1574, Located within Mukim of Kuala Pahang, District of Pekan, Pahang
    [Owner Auction] Residential Land in Kuala Pahang, Pekan

    To be auctioned in 7 days

    Land Area : 39,439 sq.ft

Hybrid Auction™ Vehicle

  • P123
    LEXUS RX350

    To be auctioned in 5 days

    Year of Make : 2012
    Registration No. : JKK9323
  • P125

    To be auctioned in 5 days

    Year of Make : 2014
    Registration No. : W9323W
  • P103

    To be auctioned in 5 days

    Year of Make : 2011
    Registration No. : WB1001F