Hybrid Auction™ FAQs

What is Hybrid Auction™?

Hybrid Auction™ by Ng Chan Mau & Co. is an auction platform that allows eligible public to participate our auction physically, referred as "On-site Bidder", and via the Internet, using electronic devices, referred as "e-Bidder".

Who is e-Bidder?

An eligible person that registered online as a qualified bidder to participate an auction at www.ngchanmau.com.

How to be an e-Bidder?

Step 1: Register as user at www.ngchanmau.com/register for FREE.

Step 2: Select Property or Car with e-bidding option.

Step 3: Complete e-Bidder registration and Auction Deposit 1 working day before auction.

Step 4: Login to e-bidding system using secured PIN before auction time.

Can I bid from home?

e-Bidder can cast your bid from any places, as long as you have electronic device with Internet connection.

Why should I become an e-Bidder?

* Safe and convenient - Bid from any location.

* Save time and cost - Place auction deposit via online banking.

* Transparent bidding process - Bid comfortably without interruption.

How do I start?

First, you need to sign up for a user account at www.ngchanmau.com. Then, just log in to your user account, select property with online bidding option and follow the instructions. It’s free, simple and quick!

How can I find the auction properties to bid?

You may visit www.ngchanmau.com/hybrid/property for all upcoming Hybrid Auction™.

How can I find the auction vehicles to bid?

You may visit https://www.ngchanmau.com/auto-search for all upcoming Hybrid Auction™.

Any e-bidding demo for Hybrid Auction™?

Yes, you may test our Demo at www.ngchanmau.com/hybrid/test.

Where can I get a guideline to submit for Hybrid Auction™?

You may visit www.ngchanmau.com/hybrid/guide-to-bid to learn the steps to bid online.

When should I pay for the Auction Deposit?

You will need to transfer the Auction Deposit to the auctioneer 2 days before auction and it must be cleared fund before the auction day.

How can I get my Auction Deposit back if i lose bid?

Auction Deposit will refunded to your same bank account filled in within 2 working days.

How do I know I'm the highest bid among the onsite & other online bidders?

Screen will show "You are the Highest Bid now".

Meaning: The latest highest bid was from another competing online bidder.

Other Auction Status that you may see it once auction started:

New Bid by "On-Site Bidder"

Meaning: The latest highest bid was from a bidder on-site, ie. Auction Venue.